Walk Off The Earth

A friend at work introduced me to these guys.  Now, if there’s a band that understands how music and video work together to showcase awesome performance ideas, it’s Walk Off The Earth…watch this:

Granted, that vid is more of a ‘side projecty’ thing, but still…if HALF of that music skill and performance translates to a live show then I’m sold.  They have done everything right…they have the musical skill and took it to the next level.  Take one part busker, one part magic show, one part comedian, and ten parts musical talent, and you have these guys.  It can even just be a subtle twist on a recognizable song blended with awesome some simple video trickery, as with…

How fun is that???  And before you say “Oh god, another cover band…” here’s an original:

So, we know they’re good in front of a camera…and we know they’re good in front of a microphone…but I still have to ask: how are they live?

Live performance is where you truly connect with your audience.  The internet has been great at breaking down the walls between artist and fan…it’s conversation, it’s a connection…you can take a picture of yourself on stage, post it on Facebook, and fans who couldn’t be at the show can feel a part of the experience.

But the REAL experience is live.  And, lets face it…unless people are paying you for your videos, you can’t sustain a career without live performance.  When I go to a live show I ‘ALWAYS’ leave with a shirt, a CD, a sticker…something.  My favourite artists who I’ve never seen live…it’s rare that I’ll actually push ‘Buy.’

And if the performance is amazing I’m even more inspired to help them out.  At the John Butler show in Toronto we bought three CDs and spent about $20 on a raffle to win a guitar (the proceeds going to a good cause).  I’ll be honest…I’d heard all of Butler’s music before the show…but had never bought a CD.

But he inspired me to buy everything I could.  Just like Aimee Mann does every time she comes to town.  And The Middle East.  And Tunng.  If it wasn’t for the horrendous line-up, I would’ve bought at Mumford swag as well.

I kinda went all…moneybags there…but the point is I’m REALLY into this band right now.  But I’m witholding judgement on their overall amazingness until I see them live.  Do they switch instruments?  Do they energize the room?  Or do they stand there, strum, and sing.

…or is that enough, is strumming and singing all they need because their talent shines through?  Is their banter hilarious?  Do they engage the audience?

Anyone can make a fun video…very few people can make amazing videos (OK Go comes to mind).  But can they take the fun and throw it at us live?

In my humble opinion, that’s the challenge.  I’ll letcha know if I catch their show!

(and if they’re monitoring blogs…hi guys!)


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