Goth Music

Just what I needed! Instructions!!!

Currently at work, watching The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari with the audio down (it’s a silent movie, I’m pretty sure this is fine) and listening to some Goth Pop music.

…Goth Pop…is that a genre?

By Goth Pop I mean the kind of music you’d expect to hear in an 80s movie about vampires, or playing in an Emo Kid’s room with the lights down and the sound of scribbling pen on paper.  You know…poetry…or something.

When I was in high school I listened to EVERYTHING.  But after getting a collection called ‘Undead: A Gothic Masterpiece‘ I became fascinated with the wide scope of goth.  I mean, vampires weren’t that popular…but The Crow was…and really, is The Crow goth?

The central themes of goth…in my opinion, I’m not doing research, I’m just ‘assuming’…are romance and death.  If you think about it, that kinda makes sense.  At some point, vampires stopped being hideous beasts and became romance-machines.  In the end, their goal is killing you and drinking your blood…but they dress nice while doing it.

But it’s so much more than that.  There’s the anarchistic, wild and free, ‘punk’ side to goth.  Think of a vampire or other dark creature who’s essentially a trickster, doesn’t really give a crap, does what they want.  Sometimes violently.  That shows in the music too.

There’s melancholy…boredom…lack of hope for the future.  That plays well with the goth sensibility.

What this gets me thinking about (I’m not trying to write a treatise on gothic music through the ages) is how each genre is incredibly diverse.  Goth seems like something that would be pretty straight forward.  But it’s not.

Every artist brings their own taste and style to their music…genre seems to come out of a strange blend of inspiration (the music the artist listened to and likes) and creativity.  Genre is a helpful way to identify the general mood or sound, but each artist (should) bring a unique approach.

Which is why giving genres you may not like…or even think of…a chance.  If you love music, you’ll be certain to find something you like under the label.

…even if that label is covered in white face paint and fake blood.

((this blog is what happens when I random thought comes to mind and I just roll with it 😉  Sorry if it’s kinda…disconnected!))


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