I Share Because I Care!

Thanks to a song randomly overheard between acts at a show, a five second skim of a ‘Top 50’ list, and an email shot to my boss from a colleague, I found three cool new artists this week.  Now, thanks to a random desire to check out my blog…you get to see them too!

NQ Arbuckle – Mixkin Dancehall Blues: Simple, sweet, and three of my favourite instruments: acoustic guitar, accordion and voice!  Throw in some glock for fun!  By far my favourite ‘Where did he come from??’ discovery last week!

Azealia Banks – 212 feat. Lazy Jay: NME’s coolest person of the year…holy crap, fun and awesome!  The beat is sick, the rapping tight, the singing amazing…a complete package.  I want to dance…DANCE!  Warning…she says the C word…because she can. I hope that white guy is Lazy Jay…I like him!

Cairo Knife Fight – The Origin of Slaves: A two piece that sounds like a five piece, rockin’ out from the land of Kiwi’s!  Very cool rock and roll…I swear someone told me about them before…if you did, beat me, I should’ve paid attention!!

Got any good tracks to share with me???  Love to hear ’em!


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3 Responses to “I Share Because I Care!”

  1. Rob Says:

    WOW! Thumbs up on that last track. That was kick-ass.

    I am just getting in to M83. But, it appears that they are ‘old news’ to most people I mention them too.

  2. Independent Music Promotions Says:

    Great picks! Azealia Banks is my favourite new find this week actually. I love that these young artists are tearing things up and making the veterans worry.

    I’d love to send a few of my artists for your consideration – just couldn’t find an email contact. Feel free to get in touch!

    • Roo Says:

      Heya dude 🙂 Send me stuff at roogoyle at gmail dot com 🙂 and if you’re on Twitter I’m easy to find @Potoroo 🙂

      Sent from iGoyle!

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