Sad Truths

Hiya! My name is 'One Hit Wonder Exception To The Rule!' What's your name???

Are you a musician looking to make it big??  Here is my two cents on Radio, Video and Album Sales…
  • Want to get on radio…listen to the station that best fits your genre…listen to who they play.  Write songs that could fit between the two most popular artists.  Are you pop?  Write something that can be squeezed between Katy Parry and Bruno Mars.  Rock?  Can your music squeeze between Red Hot Chili Peppers and Foo Fighters?
  • Want to get on Much Music or have a popular video?  Do you have tens of thousands of dollars?  We’re talking ‘broadcast’ here.  Watch the station you would like to be played on…find out who directed the videos.  Choose one of them.  Have them direct your video.  If you’re in Canada, apply for a grant…it increases your chances of at least getting a week of airplay.
  • Want to get a number 1 album?  Find an investor.  You’re gonna be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions to get on the charts.  Do you  ‘honestly’ think Adele didn’t have millions of bucks backing her when she hit it big this summer?  Each Rihanna song costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to make.  You need co-writers, producers, marketers, distributors, ad buys, publicists, a tour in the works…

Or you could just write music you love, release it on the net to fans, and let radio, video directors, and investors come to you when the time is right.

I dunno about you guys, but I’d rather pull interest than push my songs on people…just seems like it’s worth a whole lot more in the end.

(PS. at the risk of losing all your faith in me…I only use Rebecca Black as an image because she managed to become famous with a $2000 song that was released on YouTube…I got no problem with Ms. Black!)


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