Remain Calm


…it’s the end of the year. I know you want to try to squeeze in one last ‘push’ because the changing of the calendar seems like an important milestone.  Don’t worry…when December moves to January it’s no different than June moving to July…things can pick up in 30 days.

…things seem tight.  I know you’re getting desperate.  If someone is offering help it seems right to CLING to them and SQUEEZE because they might LEAVE you!  Clinging and squeezing hurts…that’s why people leave.  If you feel the urge to cling and squeeze…breathe!

…you aren’t sure what to do next?  No prob…no one does!  Best you can do is get a circle of supportive friends, figure out where you want to go next, and find someone who can help you get there.  Maybe it’s an artist who can mentor you, maybe it’s a manager, maybe it’s neither of these…maybe it’s a programmer because you want the coolest interactive music site ever!  You can do ANYTHING next, it all depends on how you want to get there!

This applies to all artists, from me (who records a new song every couple of years) to others (who record an album a year, or maybe play every weekend at a local bar, or produce beats, or have twenty years under their belt…)

People are getting desperate, and getting antsy, and getting irritable, and getting frustrated.  Those are some pretty crappy words!

Let’s turn it around…accept the challenge, take a breath, and realize that nothing has to happen overnight, and when it happens overnight it’s never sturdy enough to last very long.

Remain Calm!!!  It’ll be alright!


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