Take Me To The Pilot – Smart, Driven…Fun!

Hey guys!  I don’t normally write blogs which are really just an encouragement to go read another blog but I’ll make an exception.  Take Me To The Pilot, a pop-punk band out of Winnipeg, is a group of awesome guys who I’ve had the privilege of hangin with a few times this year.  I’ve seen them live more often than I’ve seen any other act in my life…which is kinda crazy, since I’ve seen a lot of artists more than once.  Their music is really catchy, they’re charming, they’re fun…if I could choose someone to hang out with for three months and make an artist-documentary, it would be them.

Mike (vocals, guitar) recently wrote a blog explaining why they’ve been so vocal recently – tweeting, facebooking, encouraging fans to be active.  It’s really just a reminder – they HAVE an active dedicated fanbase (which would probably be 20 times bigger if they had the radio play and publicity they deserve) – but it’s a good one.  Here’s a snip:

The only way we can succeed in this industry is by proving to music execs that we are ‘the real deal’, meaning ‘something they can sell’. The only way to do that is by being profitable and successful without them, which is a hell of a task.

They are smart guys, as you’ll see if you read their blog (posted December 8th…if I could link directly I would!!!).  Even if pop music isn’t your thing, please take a few seconds and read what Mike has to say.  He’s figured out the modern music industry and is working hard to succeed against all odds.

Click here to read the post, again posted December 8th.  I’d love to hear your feedback on what he has to say!

You can also find them online here:

Twitter: @TMTTP

Facebook: facebook.com/takemetothepilot

YouTube: youtube.com/TMTTPTube

Formspring (which I think is a work of genius how they’ve used it!): formspring.me/TMTTP


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