Something Weird This Way Comes – Episode One

Heya folks!  I apologize for being gone for the holidays…I’ve been LAZY!  Well, a bit lazy.  I did a podcast!

If you’re a fan of B-Movies, Camp and Exploitation Flicks then you may be interested in catching this podcast, ‘Something Weird This Way Comes,’ featuring me and an awesome dude named Moe (check out his ‘Drunk on VHS‘ show, available on iTunes!)  Our first episode is about the 1957 giant grasshopper classic ‘The Beginning of the End‘!  Please give it a listen, and if you like it share it around!!

Once I learn how to embed a player I will, until then, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO GO TO OUR PODOMATIC PAGE!

Now, coming soon will be my 2011 Year in Review series, and new info as it comes my way!  I’m still around, just sleeping…a lot…yah!

Tell me what you think please!  I’d love to hear what you think! 😀


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