“Something Weird This Way Comes” Episode 2 – ‘The Beast That Killed Women’

Hospital Smoking: A Lost Art

As some of you may know, I run a summer camp for geeks.  This summer camp has a stereotype attached to it that people get naked, run around, and wear funny costumes.  Ironically, the most recent movie we have reviewed for ‘Something Weird This Way Comes’ is about people who go to camp…get naked…and are terrorized by (you guessed it) a guy in a stupid costume.

Now…I defend myself by saying that we don’t get naked (unless showering) and the costumes are not stupid:

He's climbing an f'ing tower, how is that stupid????

The film, ‘The Beast That Killed Women,’ is about a nudist camp, has a guy in a gorilla suit, and a fair amount of naked ladies chatting about what’s going on around them in echoey rooms.  I say fair amount because they, apparently, dress up for parties (at the nudist camp), sleeping (at the nudist camp) and anything other than wandering the woods aimlessly, having picnics, or jumping into pools.

The men…they mostly wear shorts.

To hear the podcast about this fantastic film, click here!

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Anywhoo, thought I’d update you on my comings and goings!  More music info to come soon!


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