Thursday Quickie: Pinterest, The Strumbellas and The Hunger Games

Everytime I start a blog I end up writing a novel, and half the time I delete it and never post because I can’t find the time to edit!  Soooo…I will try something new today…a quickie!  HERE WE GO!


Got a chance to try out the website everyone (who spends all their time online and pays attention to these things) is talking about.  Pinterest is essentially an online bulletin board.  Through a little bookmark you keep on your web browser, when you see an image of something you like, you ‘Pin It’ to one of your boards to share with everyone.  Most of my first introduction was through Lynzie Kent’s Twitter feed, where she pinned everything from wedding style to fashion to crafts.  Of course…I figured that’s what it was about.

Thanks to Lynzie, I’m now on Pinterest, and have chosen to look for some specific things to start.  I have a board for things that inspire me musically, whether they be posters or pictures of my favourite artists or images that grab me.  I, obviously, have one for cute animals and furry things.  And I have one for clothes and styles that catch my eye and I’d like to try myself.

Must admit…it’s pretty fun.  The question is, will it have staying power for me?  Path didn’t…Tout was neat for a week…will it keep my attention or become another site that has my login information?


First off, the biggest disclosure I’ve ever had to make.  In 2009, I worked with the Strumbellas.  I was in school, we had to find a band to manage, and me and a group were immediately drawn into these guys.  We helped them do odds and ends for about four months (…more than odds and ends, probably) and in early 2010 we parted ways.  Now…two years later…they have come to the company I work for, and now I’m working with them again!  So…double disclosure!

It’s been a big week for The Strumbellas.  Their CD release party was a success…I know, I was there.  Sold out house, packed crowd, and for a ‘new band‘ people seemed to know the songs pretty damned well.  They’ve had great reviews in NOW magazine among other publications, were included in an ‘essential track list’ last week in the Globe and Mail, and are getting attention at college radio.  For a seven piece alt-country act from Toronto (by way of Lindsay, ON) that’s not so bad!

You can test the music out on their website, follow them on Twitter and Facebook where each day a different member handles the social media duties (7 members, 7 days!) and watch out for their first music video for the first track from their new album ‘Sheriff.’


…this one I’ll keep short…I’ve become a horrible fanboy in record time.  The movie comes out in a month.  I’ve read all three books, watched the trailers repeatedly, keep an eye out for Hunger Games news, and can’t wait to buy myself a mockingjay pin to wear on my coat.

…dear lord…what have I become!

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3 Responses to “Thursday Quickie: Pinterest, The Strumbellas and The Hunger Games”

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