Now Is A Great Time To Reunite

One can dream...

We laugh.  We scratch our heads.  We reminisce.  We compare new to old.  We wonder ‘Why now?’  We think ‘They must need the money!’

A million thoughts go through the music-lovers brainmeats when a band reunites.  Maybe it’s because the band wasn’t that popular to begin with, maybe it’s because they were SO popular it was shocking when they broke up, maybe because they broke up so violently it’s shocking there were pieces to put back together!

But it’s a fact of life.  Bands break up.  Bands reunite.  Months…years…decades later.  Or, if not reunite…re-emerge.  Different band members, usually the same front man (or woman!)

Some are very exciting.  At least for me.  Toad the Wet Sprocket is one of my high school bands…I have all their albums, know all their songs.  Sunny Day Real Estate got back together, but I missed it because I’m dumb and wasn’t watching to see…well, if they would get back together!  At The Drive-In are back together.  I don’t want to miss that when it comes through town.


The Get Up Kids…I saw their last show in Toronto…and now they’re back together.  I saw Toads last show in Toronto as well…I was semi-disappointed at their reunion.  That show was EMOTIONAL!!!  How could they ruin it by playing music again!?!  SHEESH!

The Cranberries.  They’re on the cover of one of our free daily papers today.  ‘Back with the lads’ the headline reads.  I’m listening to their new album right now.

Bush got back together last year…well, Gavin’s back out leading the band.  Full-disclosure…they actually came to my company to do their radio.  It seems to have paid off.  Maybe you’ve heard a little song called ‘The Sound Of Winter’?  If not…you aren’t listening to rock radio…because it went to #1 on the charts!

Recently, I was lucky enough to sit in on a listening event for a new album…from The Cult…yes, that The Cult.

I'm sorry...what are you selling again?

Now is a GREAT time to reunite.  People seem to want some familiarity.  The 90s (and 80s) kids want their music back.  And radio, the media…people are paying attention.

If you were in a popular band in the 90s, hell even if it was just regional or maybe just in your local town…get back together!  Now!  I see it as a once-in-a-generation opportunity, because many people are disheartened by music today.

They shouldn’t be…there’s GREAT music out there.  It just can’t get any attention because no one knows where to look, who to trust, what to believe.  Every band has ‘hype,’ every band is ‘the next big thing.’  There’s no central source for music.  MTV and Much don’t play music anymore.  YouTube can’t tell you much except what tween girls like.

I am falling in love with dozens of bands in all genres these days and none will get play on their respective genre radio stations.  I shouldn’t say none…let’s say the chances are slim.  A blogger might love them, doesn’t mean the next will.

But…if you’re a name from the big label days…who used to have posters up all over town, videos on Much or MTV, songs on the radio, t-shirts sold in mall kiosks…you have a fighting chance!

I’ve never seen City and Colour on a free daily newspaper despite hitting #2 on the charts, having a best selling album, going platinum…but the Cranberries.  Their album came out today, the first in 11 years.  And they’re on the front page.

The point I’m getting at…despite our best judgement, I think 80s and 90s kids miss the days of the big labels, the price gouging, the cassette and the cd.  Everyone knew every artist with an album on new release day because there was SO…MUCH…PROMOTION!

That, or we need a trustworthy source for music to emerge again.  Where GOOD music gets the spotlight, and we don’t have to spend all our time scouring the internet hoping to stumble on something great.  There are good sources out there…but I don’t trust them.

NOT THAT I TRUSTED MUCH MUSIC!  Or any kind of enterprise that tried its best to avoid biting the fingers of the major labels as they fed them table scraps in exchange for airplay.  Things are so fractured there’s no one place to look.  To sift through the thousands and thousands of new albums that come out each week and give them a fighting chance.

Maybe it’s better that way, though.  It allows for discovery, ownership, and word of mouth distribution.  It means that the trustworthy source are your friends, your group of friends who bring you what they find in exchange for you doing the same.

And it also allows the bands from our childhoods to surprise us every so often by appearing on the front page of a paper, announcing their return.

Maybe it’s time to get Brillohead back together again…hmmm…


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One Response to “Now Is A Great Time To Reunite”

  1. Rob Says:

    My great regret is not going to see one of the last two Rheostatic shows (Waterloo and Toronto). So thats the band I’d love to see get back together.
    But with The Grapes of Wrath and IME recently (at least temporarily) announcing new tours and/or albums, at least I have something.

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