Most Memorable Album of Last Week: The Dead Leaves – ‘Cities on the Sea’

I listened to a lot of albums last week, many of them even NEW ones!  *gasp*  I started going through some today as a refresher.  They included the new School of Seven Bells which is EVERYWHERE it seems.  I tried the new Cranberries (pretty good actually!)  Plants and Animals is also a band I see popping up on blogs and in weekly papers here in Toronto.

Curious.  Why is it that when I started playing The Dead Leaves it was the only album I remembered from the first note?  Quite literally, the first chord was played and I remembered the entire song that followed.  I can’t say the same for the others.  I also can’t say that I’ve seen ANY mention of the band online or in the papers.

Research tells me that they’re an Aussie band (must’ve slipped through my radar!) and this is their second album.

They kinda sound like an 80s throwback that can’t be 100% pegged.  Simple Minds, maybe?  I can’t put my finger on who they remind me of…but they’re doing something right.  Because I’m on my third play through and still loving it.

On my second listen, I’m loving them even more.  There’s a sweetness to their songwriting and production.  They’re surprising me here and there, which is touch when you listen to as much music as I do.

But I won’t ramble…give them a listen!  If you’re on Rdio you can do it directly here.

Their video also draws from one of my favourite things: silent films.

Tell me what you think!  Did you like them too?


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4 Responses to “Most Memorable Album of Last Week: The Dead Leaves – ‘Cities on the Sea’”

  1. I Made You A Mixtape Says:

    I always scour the internet for new music- and had never heard of The Dead Leaves?!?! What a find! I love their 80s sensibility- and the video is very current in the wake of the Artist… Indeed- why is this band not popping up on blogs everywhere?!?

    • Roo Says:

      I’ve discovered there’s SOOO much music out there, especially new music each week, that it’s beyond impossible to even touch on it all.

      I’m most shocked because I love Triple J…I’m thinking it just blipped by…kinda like most late 90s pop music…I heard it but didn’t consciously accept that it was there 😉

      I hope they do well for themselves! 🙂

      • ZooBoy Says:

        These guys are awesome…I’m really surprised the J’s haven’t been slamming these guys!

        Roo, we need to start requesting when we find bands like this…If we don’t, they won’t do well for themselves! 😦

  2. JAMES Says:

    These guys rock! I saw their set @ Peats Ridge over NYE, was uber impressed. The fact that they have gone under the J’s radar is really crap!

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