Under the Pink: What’s Next?

Bad kangaroo...bad bad kangaroo...

I’m a bad boy.  Send me to my room, take away my toys.  I’ve been neglecting the awesome opportunity here to chat with music lovers and fill space with what’s on my mind.  No excuses.  Just bad.

So here’s what I plan to do about it!

  • Expect smaller, simpler posts over the next while.  I’ll link to great songs I’ve heard, boil down thoughts to a paragraph or two, post videos here and there.
  • The longer posts will come every so often.  Probably after something has caught my eye and I just have to talk about it.
  • I spend a lot of time helping artists with their life online, so I’ll put ideas here to help people make the most of their attempts to spread the word about their music.  I’ll include things that work, things that didn’t work.  Keeping in mind that every artist is different, they should be ideas you can file away for when you need them.
  • And I’ll review albums and shows I see in Toronto, from small artists playing their first show to experienced artists I’m lucky enough to see.

Coming up soon, a review of Donna Fullman’s amazing new release, reviews of shows by Adaline, Elise LeGrow and The Strumbellas, and a post or two about what it’s like starting a new business selling books.

So yah…I’m still around!  And I plan on being around more often now.

If you’ll have me!

You can never miss me on Twitter…I’m there every day.  Follow @Potoroo if you want a daily dose.


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