I Wanna Get On MTV!!! (…or Much Music)

Been awhile, sorry!  Busy, but here we go…head first!

When I was younger I discovered a LOT of music through videos.  Note, there was no interweb tubes at the time, so these videos were shown on these shows or stations that played videos ALL THE TIME!  MuchMusic was my drug, and I could only watch it at my Grandmas since she had cable and we didn’t.  I also had Video Hits, which if I rushed home after school and after school activities I could catch.

Through Video Hits I was able to keep up with the times, fell in love with Janet Jackson’s ‘Rhythm Nation,’ knew of Men Without Hats and Corey Hart’s comeback attempts (‘play the geetar‘…’A little love will make it alright, a little love will make your heart go BANG BANG‘)

Through MuchMusic, I discovered AMAZING music!  The Wedge introduced me to Underworld.  I even (somehow) discovered an amazing indie celtic folk band named Imaginary Heaven.

Because they used to play all kinds of music.  And FULL videos.  They had an annual celebration of the worst videos called ‘Fromage.’  It was a station devoted to video and music.

I am NOT saying that the new MuchMusic is bad.  It’s different.  It’s not about the music videos anymore.  People watch videos on YouTube.

…but…and this is where I was getting…most artists still believe getting their music on MuchMusic (or MTV, or VH1, or whatever…) is a major step in making the big time.  Many of these artists remember MuchMusic from the 80s and 90s.  Many remember the rock videos, the weird videos, the unique artists.

MuchMusic, like radio, is for a very VERY specific kind of artist.  Want proof?  Here are the videos added this week to MuchMusic:

Oh…erm, I guess that won’t help.  Nothing was added!  Want to see what’s playing in general?

  • Kimbra – Warrior
  • Kreesha Turner – Love Again
  • Maroon 5 f. Wiz Khalifa – Payphone
  • Ed Sheeran – The A Team
  • Emile Sande – Next To Me
  • Faber Drive – Do It In Hollywood
  • Far East Movement f. Tyga – Dirty Bass
  • LMFAO – Sorry For Party Rocking
  • Olly Murs – Dance With Me Tonight
  • Selena Gomez & The Scene – Hit The Lights

I’ll be honest, I don’t know half these people!  And MuchMore, which used to be more of an ‘Adult Contemporary’ thing, pretty much plays the same music.  Just less of it.  Which is ironic…since it’s called MuchMore…

These videos are polished, cost a LOT of money, and there isn’t much space for new music by new bands.  You’ll also notice…there really isn’t much in the way of rock, or folk…or anything other than straight-up pop.

If you want your video to be seen…your best bet is to take the effortless approach: put it on YouTube and tell your fans!  If it’s good, people will spread it around.

If you want your video on Much, or MTV (which doesn’t even play videos), or anything like that here’s my advice:

  • Watch MuchMusic and find out who directed the videos
  • Get in touch with one of them and hire them to do your video
  • Make your video look like all the others on Much right now
  • Hope that it’s good enough to get by the major label and major indies who are also battling for one of the…well, zero spots available…

…or make a clever, unique video that your fans will love, and put it online for them.

One last thing…ask yourself: do fans of your music sit and watch MuchMusic all day waiting for videos to come on?  If your answer is no…stop thinking about it!

Final comment: I actually like MuchMusic the way it is now…of course I miss the old days of Videoflows and music discovery, but YouTube is a HUGE Videoflow.  If you accept Much and MTV for what they are, they’re doing a great job.  They’re supplying entertainment for their audience, and suiting the times while doing it.

If you wanna keep up with me more often than once every couple of weeks, Twitter is your best bet: @Potoroo.  I’m also on Facebook…if you find me, I’ll add you and give you a cookie too!


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