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The Internets are a fantastic place, where creative ideas bloom and no idea is a bad idea.  I lied.  I’m sorry.  There are bad ideas.  But most bad ideas aren’t very bad…except when you do a bunch in a row.  Then you get the title to this blog post: YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG.

I’m SOOO frustrated following a particular artist who shall remain unnamed, though I may cryptically leave clues in this post if you want to dig.  This person is doing everything wrong.  Literally.  And it’s not like you need to be an expert to know it…any one of you could spot this if you were paying attention.

The sad thing is, they have decent money backing them.  They have videos, a recent album release, AND a history that’s seen them on the charts and winning awards.  They should be set…but I think the mistakes they’re repeatedly doing online are part of the reason they are failing.  Here is a bullet point list of no-no’s this artist is doing, which individually wouldn’t be so bad, but  together are horrible:

  • Using Twitter and Facebook to Guilt Fans: this artist repeatedly demands…yes, DEMANDS…support.  Their favourite word is ‘Support.’  They feel that you should support them at all costs, and phrase it in a way that feels more like ‘You’re either with me or against me.’  That makes me NOT want to buy their music
  • Using Twitter and Facebook to Bitch About The Industry/Negative Posts: this artist repeatedly complains that the industry isn’t working, and if it did work they’d be rich and famous and on the charts.  They don’t just insult the music industry (specifically the Canadian industry) but their fans, writing regular negative posts which often include statements from a high horse ending with a shake of the head.  They try to sound philosophical and inspiring but come across as whining.
  • Broadcasting How Awesome Their Life Is: counterproductive to their ‘I need support’ posts, we regularly get updates of their daily life.  This wouldn’t be so bad, except it generally involves trips to fancy resorts (seemingly for months in Mexico), hanging out in California at celebrity events, going clubbing, going to the gym, and other things the majority of their fans may never do.  Which is interesting since…
  • Did Not Support Their Own Album Release: the calls for support fall short when they weren’t even around to support the release of their new album.  The day it was released they were on vacation (proudly stated in Tweets and Facebook posts), and then in the U.S., despite the fact that the album would probably have it’s first successes in Canada.  I never saw any kind of announcement that they were doing a radio tour, or a live performance at all.  No record store appearances.  No surprise fan events.  They were out partying in a different country the day…the week…I think the entire month after the release.
  • Never Announce Tour Dates, Never Announce Events: a recap of part of that last statement – I don’t think they play live shows, whether opening for another act or just a small club show.  I haven’t seen anything about it.  I get the feeling they feel above performing for their fans unless it’s a stadium.

In all, the problem here is arrogance.  The thought that success should be delivered on a platter…preferably with some Grey Goose at a club in Cabo…and it is the fans (and music industry’s, and general music lovers, and Canadian public in general) who should be putting the work in.

It’s no wonder their album has no reviews or comments on iTunes, and they’re constantly requesting that people get off their asses and buy the album.

YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!  What should you be doing?

  • Giving fans a reason to care
  • Reaching out to fans and starting a conversation
  • Giving content so people get an idea of what the new music is about: videos, streaming audio, etc.
  • Maintaining a positive attitude even in the face of difficulty
  • Playing live
  • SUPPORTING YOUR ALBUM, not demanding that everyone else does

I’ll fully admit, I may be missing part of the story, but that’s another problem in itself.  This is the character that I’m building after reading the Twitter and Facebook messages, which is how most fans will access to the artist.  If I’m getting this from the posts and getting no sense that they’re working the album, then what are fans thinking?

…I can tell you what they’re thinking.  They’re thinking that they aren’t interested.

The final thought?  SUPPORT YOURSELF!  So many bands are doing it, and they’re being successful, because the fans want to support them…because they aren’t being told to.

NOTE: 24 hours after writing this (and sitting on it, to make sure I wanted to post) this same artist has Tweeted five times: twice telling people to ‘make sure’ they share links, once telling people that they ‘still need’ to support, once decrying the two-faced people they are having to deal with, and once thanking a radio station for playing their song.  One out of five…is still bad.

Sorry for the negative post…just couldn’t take it anymore!  If you want to follow me (where I’m always upbeat and positive) head to @Potoroo on Twitter!  ❤ you all!


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