Just a few more things to add to my previous post regarding an artist who has found a way to use social media wrong…wronger than I’ve ever seen.  The wrongest!  I feel like this is applicable to any use of online blogs, microblogs, social networks and such, not just promotion for musicians.  I’ve noticed a few more strange things this artist is doing and wanted to note them.  Pretend this is an Appendix.

Appendix A: More Things You’re Doing Wrong

  • Telling Instead Of Showing: We are treated to many statements meant to dispel assumptions.  For instance, that the artist is ‘Real’ and not ‘Fabricated.’  Or that they are working hard.  It doesn’t come across as honest, since the artist regularly ‘acts’ fabricated, and ‘acts’ like they aren’t working hard.  Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but constantly informing us that they’re hitting a big club, or hanging on a red carpet, or on vacation in Mexico while demanding that we ‘support’ does not sound ‘real’ nor ‘working hard.’  Nor does allowing a rumour about a fling with a celebrity to continue and refusing to answer questions (“It is what it is.”) when it’s obvious that nothing happened.  …giving away too much?
  • Bad Grammar: Run on sentences.  ‘Text spelling’ in tweets that are ten words long.  Random capitalization.  Incorrect spelling.  Don’t.
  • Motivational Speeches: This is something they’ve done regularly and really seems out of place, it’s more of a ‘What is the reason?’ complaint.  This goes back to something I’ve always said to people if they are using social media for promotion: BE CONSISTENT!  Ranting about the industry, demanding support, frustrated whining…followed by statements like ‘Believe in yourself and you can reach any goal’ (which, regularly, suffer from bad grammar) is weird.  It’s off-putting.  If all tweets and Facebook posts were positive, I would probably think differently.  Be consistent.
  • Private Tweets Accidentally Made Public.  For the love of dog, learn how to use your Twitter application and learn FIRST OF ALL how to delete tweets you accidentally make public.  Posting about your frustration…and then posting a message that was clearly supposed to be privately sent to a girl you find hot…no…no…don’t.

Anywhoo, I’m done with this negative posting.  I’m trying to offer examples of things you shouldn’t do…from now on, when I discuss this subject, I’ll focus on things you should do.  It’s much more productive that way.

Here’s a video of baby sloths getting a bath.  They have built-in clothes pins, you know!

Follow me on Twitter @Potoroo!  If you ever see me do anything that I shouldn’t be doing, feel free to let me know! 


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