Holy Crapknuckle!

I haven’t posted in a LONG time! I apologize and offer no excuse other than distracted brain between sleeps…meaning I sleep, am confused and wander through the day, then sleep again. Which is no excuse at all.

To let you in on things, here’s an update:

– I am looking to start recording again…so, first I must set up my recording studio!
– I am switching directions on the ‘Something Weird This Way Comes’ podcast and it will focus solely on the music of low- and no-budget films…everything from the movie scores to the eclectic bands who record songs for movies that didn’t have the budget to pay them. Because I love that stuff…

That’s the music side! So that’s what’s coming up.

I will hopefully get some reviews up…such as the very very late Donna Fullman review, reviews of albums that have crossed my desk at work such as Jeffery Michael Straker, The Trip and many many more.

And of course, the usual rambles about the industry, bad movies, and being a furry in this wild, wild world.

Hope you haven’t abandoned me! I ‘should’ be back!


One Response to “Holy Crapknuckle!”

  1. Rob Says:

    Welcome back!

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