Dale Speaking Podcast!

A dog flying through space eating planets…just screams PODCAST!


In and out quickly!

I am doing a new podcast for my job…first episode is out, second is on the way this Monday.  It’s on music, the music industry, and trying to pass on the stuff we learn while embedded in this crazy music world!

I can’t embed it so please click here if you’d like to check it out!  I’d love to hear what you think about it as well…and if you love it, click here to check out the iTunes page and subscribe!

Note: I have TWO *gasp* other podcasts coming down the pipe – one on music by furries (called Fuzzy Notes), the other on music from b-, low-, no-budget and cult movies (called Something Weird This Way Comes)!  When I’m done those, I’ll link ’em here!

I’d promise to be back with a real blog sometime soon…but I keep thinking I’ll do it then find I have nothing to say…SAD!  I’m still alive though, don’t write me off yet!


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