Something Weird Podcast – It’s About The Music, Baby!

Hey all!

I have linked the ‘Something Weird This Way Comes’ podcast here in the past, a show co-hosted by me and Moe Porne that discussed low and no-budget, b-flicks, genre and camp and exploitation films.  The thing is…Moe does the same thing in an amazing show called No-Budget Nightmares, alongside the effervescent Canuck Doug Tilley (…sorry…TILLEY now…just Tilley).

If I’ve learned something in my line of work…working two of the same thing just means you’re in competition with yourself.

…maybe not so much with podcasts…needless to say, we figured the show could use a reboot and format change.

So here it is!  Something Weird is now about the music now, baby!  The music of the movies I love…the weird flicks, the ones so bad that they’re good.

Check it out on Podomatic (and soon on iTunes…hell, just head there an subscribe anyways!!)  I would embed a player here…but apparently WordPress doesn’t like it when you try and do that!

I’d love to hear what you think!  Either comment here, or get in touch on Twitter @Potoroo!


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