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February 27, 2013
Me posing horribly in an amazing shirt that shows just how far we've come in Canada-Brazil relations...since I went to Brazil.

Me posing horribly in an amazing shirt that shows just how far we’ve come in Canada-Brazil relations…since I went to Brazil.

Hey all!

Soooo…I was totally out of the loop for a month and a half or so there due to finding myself in South America.  I kinda wish I had something exciting to say…like I was kidnapped and flown down as collateral in some kind of crazy gang turf war, but instead I was attending a furry convention in a rain forest.

…oh, shit, that does sound pretty exciting!  Here’s a snail I saw.

Broken record time: I want to get back into the swing of things here, you know, the whole ‘music’ blog thing.  I am thinking of making it a two to three times a week thing, even if I’m writing about random shit on my mond…that’s cool, right?

Musically I have quite a bit coming up: I’m recording my first live podcast and helping run an open mic in early March, and hitting up Canadian Music Week at the end of March, so I should have SOMETHING to talk about.

I may try to do the whole album review thing as well, though I worry I’m FAR too positive.  I mean, I love listening to the Shaggs…who the hell am I?

So…yah…down the pipe, stuff comes…says Yoda Roo.