About Roo

Hi.  How’s it goin?  My name is Roo.  Obviously that’s not my real name…yet…but it’s what everyone calls me.  I’m a thirty-something guy living in Toronto who’s done a lot of strange stuff and plan to do a whole lot more.  I’m currently a musician, a podcaster, a summer camp organizer, and a t-shirt enthusiast.

Currently I work in the Canadian music industry, helping bands and artists find their fans online and stuff.  I have been the following: an actor, a director, a webcomic cartoonist, a writer, a coffee jockey, a diner bitch, a tour guide, and a page at a small library in rural Ontario.

Me, Younger, still pink.

Me, Younger, still pink.

What is this blog about?  Well, the ideas that pass through my noggin, observations I make, and processes I go through.

Why do I call myself a roogoyle?  Because I’m one of those ‘furry’ people and I see myself differently than most of the world.

Why is it called ‘Under the Pink’?  Because I have a pink mohawk, and the blog will cover everything that happens under it.

And because it bugs me when people cleverly hide the general subject matter of their blogs…here’s the simple version:

  • Music
  • The Music Industry
  • Making Music as a Musician
  • Event Planning
  • Geeky Summer Camp Organization
  • Furry and the Fandom
  • …other things, though probably not as regularly as the other stuff!

There!  Good!

I like hearing from people, so feel free to comment, pester me on Twitter @Potoroo, or email me!


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