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Awesome Album Cover Friday: Potpourri

April 29, 2011

Yes, Alex…I’ll take ‘Awesome Album Covers: Potpourri’ for $1000.

...before you get pissed off, yes I realize these ladies are blind. The album cover is still awesome.

...easily my favourite album cover of the batch...probably in the top 10 ever for me, actually! Norma Jean, in case you were wondering.

I believe this guy is for real...if not...still amazing!

I know, I know, it's not a real album cover. It's a mashup of Sigur Ros...and Adventure Time!

...every Placebo album is art, I've discovered...this is one of the most emotional and jarring album covers I've ever seen.

Love the hair, Rivers! Awesome from the start!

An example where the album cover and band name drew me to the music...downloading from Bandcamp right to come fo' sho'!

And now, two of my other faves!

I love you Mr. Black/Mr. Francis!! (ps. listening to this album RIGHT NOW!)

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